Extension Tubes with CONTAX Zeiss 28-85mm

Robber fly shot with the CONTAX Zeiss 28-85mm @ f11 and 18mm extension tube. Image taken at MFD.

I really enjoy shooting macro shots with the 28-85mm. Sure they’re not 1:1 and you loose infinity focus, but the images are great and you can certainly obtain insect and flower shots. The image above was from a hike today. I had an 18mm extension tube attached and the lens was at 85mm when this robber fly landed on a branch next to me. I tend to keep the lens at minimum focus distance and then move closer until the insect is in focus. I’ve also used the 28mm end of the zoom for some interesting shots. You can physically get much closer when the lens is extended to 28mm but since it’s 28mm and not 85mm, the actually image obtained is smaller on the sensor. It’s really a matter of how you want to frame your shot. Sometimes 28mm will be more appealing and other times you’ll want to use 85mm.

An exciting screw in a board. CONTAX Zeiss 28-85mm @f5.6 with 18mm extension tube.

Notice the hexagonal bokeh this lens produces when stopped down. The lens is also devoid of chromatic aberration.

Water on a leaf. Shot with CONTAX Zeiss 28-85mm lens
Water drops on a leaf. Shot with the CONTAX Zeiss 28-85mm lens wide open, and 18mm extension tube.

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