Lack of vignetting – CONTAX Zeiss 100mm f2 Makro Planar

Unedited. Shot with the CONTAX Zeiss 100mm f2 Makro Planar on Nikon Z6

I’ve been using the 100mm f2 for the past few days and have been blown away by its performance. The image above is a test shot to assess any corner vignette. As you can see, there really isn’t any. Some of the zoom lenses from CONTAX will vignette quite heavily, the 28-85 comes to mind, but certainly not this prime. The images from this lens are as close to perfect as I’ve ever seen.

CONTAX Zeiss 100mm f2 Makro Planar

Today I acquired the CONTAX Zeiss 100mm f2 Makro Planar and adapted it to the Nikon Z6 using the KIPON C/Y to N/Z adapter. Review to come shortly.

There is always healthy debate online as to which focal length is best for portrait photography. I’ve used the newer Zeiss 135mm f2 APO for portraits and find it to be outstanding. I’m curious to see how this 100mm f2 stacks up against the newer Zeiss glass. I tend to use 50mm and 85mm for portrait work for a stronger 3D feel and less subject compression. I’m curious to see if I can learn to love the 100mm focal length. Obviously this lens can handle much more than just portraiture.